Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Compounds

The production of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds of Dayan Polymer is based on TPU, SEBS, SBS, and EPDM. TPE compounds are a good substitute for rubber compounds, the processability of these compounds is the same as thermoplastics. Among its advantages over thermoset rubbers, the following can be mentioned:

  • Easier processability with fewer steps, shorter production time, less or no compounding process,
  • the possibility of reusing waste materials in the same way as thermoplastics,
  • less energy consumption is the reason that it consumes less molding time and easier processability,
  • better quality control and tolerance closer to the final part due to their easier processing and formulation,
  • lower final control cost due to the ability to recover and the durability of the thermoplastic properties of TPEs
  • and lower volume cost due to the density of most TPEs is lower than rubber compounds.

Dayan Polymer produces and supplies all kinds of thermoplastic elastomers in a different range of hardness from 0 Shore A to 95 Shore A as well as Shore D.

The classification of thermoplastic elastomer compounds produced by Dayan Polymer is as follows:

The application of thermoplastic elastomer compounds can be generally divided into six classes:

  1. Home and kitchen appliances

TPE compounds are used in the home and kitchen appliances such as soft touch handles for kitchen utensils, baby spoons, folding baskets, easy-to-open kitchen utensil lids, food storage containers lids, washers, flask lids, refrigerator and freezer door strips, gaskets and door strips, double-glazed windows, and vacuum cleaner accessories such as hoses, roofs, etc.

  • automotive industry

TPE compounds are used in applications of the automotive industry such as pedal coverings, gears, dashboards, airbags, soft and jelly covers of car switches, covers of air intake pipes and car hoses, glass sealing strips, trunks, hoods, lights, etc.

  • Electrical appliances

TPE compounds are used in applications of the electrical industry such as covers for all kinds of wires and cables, soft touch covers for all kinds of electronic tools such as all kinds of sockets, charger covers, handsfree soft and gel parts, sealing strips around the fuse box, ohm meter cover, control switch, etc.

  • shoe industry

TPE compounds are used in applications of the bag and shoe industry such as medical insoles, shoe accessories, shoe soles, and shoe middle soles.

  • Sports equipment and supplies

TPE compounds are used in applications of sports equipment and supplies such as sports rings, climbing poles, all kinds of fitness bands, cycling accessories, badminton racket handles, watch bands, sports mats, soft touch tennis handles, skate, and scooter wheels, equipment for diving and swimming, etc.

  • Medical supplies and equipment

TPE compounds are used in applications of medical supplies and equipment such as toothbrush handles, soft and gel toothbrushes, baby pacifiers, baby milk bottles, breast pumps, angiocaths, syringe gaskets, serum hoses, medical armbands, suction tubes, medical canes, etc.

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